Multax Corporation

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Turning Capabilities

Precision parts with very tight tolerances – from 30” to 79” in diameter – have been machined at Multax for over 15 years. We deliver many parts with grooves and deep pocket grooves for the aerospace, power generation and mining equipment industries, and often create many special adapators and holders for unique geometric parts.

Vertical Lathes

Providing Multax with the turning capability for high precision parts up to 72” in diameter, our vertical lathes have been used for both production quantities of aerospace high temperature alloys and gray iron for the rotary compressor industry; both requiring tight tolerance precision parts.

Horizontal Lathes

Our horizontal lathes are reliable machine tools that give us the capacity to machine production quantities and turn the high temperature alloys such as used for the aerospace industry.

Talk with Multax about Producing Your Precision Part

For more information on our turning capabilities, contact us today or call 309-266-9765. You may also request a quote for your precision part online.

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