Multax Corporation

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Our manufacturing software gives Multax the ability to use the customers design files for processing and programming. The software packages we use to create quality precision parts that are custom-designed to your unique specifications include:

  • Unigraphics NX Design/Manufacturing
  • CGTech Vericut Simulation Software

The engineering department works closely with shop management, our tool room and machine operators to develop and finalize the manufacturing process.

Cutting Edge Tooling Technology

Multax is proud to say that we remain on the cutting edge of tooling technology. Our 600 square foot tool room has over 3,000 different perishable and durable part numbers in inventory. Toolroom personnel maintain these inventories, and are also responsible for the selection, assembly and presetting of all tooling required for both production and non-production parts. Our informed selection of modern tooling geometries, specialized tool coatings and machining practices enable us to effectively produce our products in an economical, cost-effective manner. It also streamlines our machining processes – allowing us to give our customer the best in value, quality, performance and function.

In addition, our Speroni tool setter is capable of addressing multiple toolholder presets, efficiently and accurately measuring offsets for Cat40, Cat50, Sunstrand Omnimill and other specialized tool holders, simply by selecting the appropriate tool setter address.  Our tool room also creates specially designed and/or modified tooling necessary for producing difficult to machine geometries. Tool room personnel work closely with our engineers to design many specialized toolholders and cutting tools on site.


Talk with Multax about Producing Your Precision Part

For more information on our programming capabilities, contact us today or call 309-266-9765. You may also request a quote for your precision part online.

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