Multax Corporation

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Milling Capabilities

Everything we do at Multax is customized to your specific order. In all departments, we machine gray iron and steel, and focus on high temperature alloys in the vertical mills. We have 20 state-of-the-art horizontal milling centers, one of which can machine an 80” work piece while others have proven to be main stays with their six pallet shuttles. The versatility of our machines allows us to mill a large spectrum of tight tolerance parts. Plus, our changeover time is minimal, making multiple operations and job set-ups extremely efficient.


Vertical Milling

Our Vertical Mills have the capacity to machine precision parts up to 60” inches. Optional 4th and 5th axis add-ons give us the flexibility to machine a wide range of features. Two of our verticals have multi-pallet options.


Horizontal Milling

Our Horizontal Mills have the capacity to machine precision parts up to 80”. This gives Multax the capability to mill a large spectrum of sizes and production quantities of tight tolerance parts. We have three mills with six pallets and four mills with two pallents.


Omni Milling

For larger parts our Omni Mills have the capacity to machine high precision parts up to 48”. With 5th axis capability, we combine multiple operations into one operation – effectively saving time on reload for many of our larger parts. Omni Mills are equipped with a right angle head allowing for internal work when necessary.    


Talk with Multax about Producing Your Precision Part

For more information on our milling capabilities, contact us today or call 309-266-9765. You may also request a quote for your precision part online.

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