Multax Corporation

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About Us

From concept to shipping, Multax Corporation assists customers in a variety of industries with precision part development and production. We have excelled at machining highly complex, close tolerance, and/or difficult high temperature materials since our beginning in 1974, and have continued to gain knowledge and incorporate new technologies to this day.


The aerospace industry has always been a specialty of Multax – with parts on the Space Station and Strike Force Fighters coming directly from our shop. We also specialize in creating precision parts for the power generation and mining equipment industries – working with many internationally-known companies in both sectors. It’s this experience and the high level quality of work that make Multax stand apart from other CNC machine shops. And, it’s this experience that makes us the perfect choice for your next project.

A Highlight of Our History

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Machined prototype and production components for convention, rotary and turbine engines. Also machined master patterns and core boxes for airfoils and torque converter components, along with precise tooling for special machining applications.
 Added milling cutters and indexable drills to our list of services.
 Started creating tolerance rotary compressor production parts.
 Began machining gas turbine components.
Expanded building to a total 131,200 square feet of space with 129,200 square feet dedicated to our fully equipped CNC machine shop.

Industries Served


Power Generation

Mining Equipment

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